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Bradley Beal is one of the most valuable players in the NBA. He possesses incredible talent, plays a style that’d fit nearly every situation, is locked into his contract for next season and is just 27.

Plenty of teams want to trade for him.

With the Wizards just 3-11 and Beal frustrated, some of those teams might even think they have a chance of landing him.

But not so much after they call Washington.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN:

You talk to other teams, who are – all over the league – monitoring the Beal situation closely and looking for any inkling to think that he might be coming available. And teams typically will know before anybody else does. Before we even report it, they will know that there’s an opening there. And none of them sense that now.

The Wizards don’t want to trade Beal. They have a star to build around, and the longer he stays, the more opportunities they have to assemble the right supporting cast. This a franchise predisposed not to take a step back.

That might change if Beal requests a trade. But he said he’d never do that. Even after experiencing the frustration of losing, he said he’d finish his career in Washington if he can control it.

Beal has occasionally hinted at leaving, but he has been far more resolute about staying. As long as that loyalty continues – and it has through some tough times already – the Wizards will reciprocate.