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Report: Knicks, others have eye on Bulls’ Zach LaVine for potential trade

Zach LaVine has been one of the brights spots in Chicago this season, putting up All-Star numbers: 27 points a game with a ridiculously efficient 64.2 true shooting percentage (hitting

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Cancer emergency rations could provide the basis for new treatment

Insight into cancer cells’ own first aid could help the development of a new type of treatment. Johanna Olweus and her team at the UiO (University of Oslo) and the

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Short squeeze game running out of steam

With GameStop shares sharply lower for a second straight day, one portfolio manager says the short squeeze game is running out of steam. UBS managing director and senior portfolio manager

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Hyundai executives ‘divided’ over Apple Car partnership

Earlier this month, Hyundai confirmed that it was in talks with Apple concerning the future production of an autonomous electric car. The news—which claimed that a deal could be inked

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Evan Rachel Wood says Marilyn Manson ‘horrifically abused me for years’

“Westworld” actor Evan Rachel Wood, who has testified before Congress about her experience with domestic and sexual violence, said Monday that she was “horrifically” abused by the musician Marilyn Manson,

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