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Turning your life around is as simple as changing your energy, according to real estate mogul and Serhant founder and CEO Ryan Serhant.

Serhant, known to millions as the star of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing” and the author of the new book “Big Money Energy”, revealed the secret to attracting success on FOX Business Network’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” Tuesday.

“If I project anxiety, if I project fear into the future, I’m going to predict my own future,” he said. “Because that fear and anxiety attracts people who are fearful … And those people don’t want to do business with me because they’re too scared.”

“I think a lot of people feel that success is reserved for other people, smarter people … better-looking people and it’s just not true,” Serhant went on. “If you can’t change your consequences, you can change your energy. And if you change your energy, you can change your life. I guarantee it.”

It’s important to understand that having fear is OK, Serhant explained, but that fear should then be used as “fuel to push yourself forward.”

Serhant himself first came to this realization after entering the real estate business during the 2008 financial crisis. By choosing to act, dress and exude the energy of a successful industry professional, he was able to land his first million-dollar deal amid the Great Recession.

“I put a suit on a credit card, I got a car service on a credit card and then I did the homework,” he shared. “And because I knew more than she did, and that’s what she was hiring me for, she bought an apartment … It was for just over $2 million. That was a changing moment for me.”

According to Serhant, the three main qualities of a successful person are knowledge, communication and appearance, and explained the importance of tapping into each through “magnetic energy.”

“You ace those three, for whoever you’re speaking to or whoever you’re working with, and the possibilities are limitless.”