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Who needs Durant? Irving, Harden combine for for 50 in Brooklyn

OKLAHOMA CITY — James Harden and Kyrie Irving each scored 25 points Friday night to help Brooklyn roll past the Oklahoma City Thunder 147-125, as the Nets rested Kevin Durant.

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Feeling lonely during the pandemic? You’re up to 10 times more likely to have worse mental health

Indeed, studies have shown that mental health has declined during the pandemic. Our recent research, which looks at how people across Europe fared during the first half of 2020, also

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‘Million Dollar Listing’ star’s key to success: ‘If you can change your energy, you can change your life’

Turning your life around is as simple as changing your energy, according to real estate mogul and Serhant founder and CEO Ryan Serhant. Serhant, known to millions as the star

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Xiaomi Air Charge claims it’s capable of 5W wireless charging over several meters, but is it?

The Qi wireless charging standard that most electronics employ these days still requires the host and receiver to be in very close proximity, accepting no more than 4cm (1.6-inches) of

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Celebrated San Francisco P.I. dies after attempted robbery

Jack Palladino worked for the Black Panthers, Bill Clinton and the Hearst family. He was 76. Jack Palladino, a celebrated private investigator who worked for radicals, celebrities and former President

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